Ikonoskop Hire Kit

The following shooting kit is available for wet-hire:

The Camera – Ikonoskop A-Cam dII
A-Cam dII with IMS mount x 1
A-Cam dII 160 GB Memory Card x 3
A-Cam dII ExpressCard Reader x 1
A-Cam dII Ext. battery cable x 1
A-Cam dII Power Adaptor (EU) x 1
A-Cam dII Audio cable 0,5 m x 1
P+S IMS to PL adapter x 1
HDSDI cable 2 ft x 2
TV Logic VFM-56W monitor x 1
TV Logic monitor power adapter x 1
TV Logic monitor sun hood x 1
Swit S-3602F Charger x 1
Swit S-8770 Battery x 6

The Lenses – Carl Zeiss
SuperSpeeds Mk3 9.5mm x 1
SuperSpeeds Mk3 16mm x 1
SuperSpeeds Mk3 25mm x 1
SuperSpeeds Mk3 50mm x 1
SuperSpeeds Mk2 12mm x 1

Please call for price and availability.

Also available:

Cambo shoulder rig
Broncolor HMI lights

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